Valentine's Day Kissable Lips & Tips

Valentine's Day Kissable Lips & Tips

It’s the holiday of love! Whether you’ve got a Valentine this year or you’re riding solo, get a perfectly kissable pout with these tips and lip look ideas. Your lips will be sure to impress and leave your Valentine obsessed and wanting more.

Lip Preparation

Be sure to take care of your lips before you use any lip products. Any lip product will apply better over smooth, soft, and moisturized lips. 

For an intensive overnight treatment that works while you sleep, try out the Good Night Coconut Lip Sleeping Pack. You’ll wake up with completely transformed and supple lips. If you have some dry patches and flakey skin, we have a variety of scrubs/exfoliants made for the lips. Our Renew My Lips exfoliator comes in a lipstick bullet, making it easy to apply. The Bubblelicious Lip Exfoliator is a little more intense, and its unique formula softens dead skin cells and removes all dryness quickly and effectively. Scrubski & Balmer is a 2-in-1 product containing a scrub on one side and a lip balm on the other, and comes in 4 juicy, delicious flavors. 

Want an everyday lip balm with a pop of color? Try out our unique color-changing Manga Lip Balm formula, which adjusts to your personal pH balances to create the perfect soft pink stain. For something with more sparkle and gloss, the Manga Sparkle Lip Oil does the job, with a similar pink stain as the lip balm. To subtly enhance your natural lip color, try out the Virginish Lip Glow, great for those no-makeup makeup days! 

Pink Glitter Lip

Perfect for your Galentine’s party or girls’ night, these glitter lips will be sure to turn heads and start conversations. It’s the perfect “you can look, but don’t touch” makeup! 

  1. Start out with our Lip Kit #5, which comes with our Notorious Liquid Lip Color in Harmful Act and our Teeny Weeny Lip Liner in I’m A Flirt. Line your lips with I’m A Flirt, then fill it in with Harmful Act. Allow to set and dry.
  2. Using our Glitter Primer, apply all over the bottom lip. As it gets tacky and before it dries down, apply our Vivid Dreams Glitter in the shade Daydream with our Silver Bullet Silicone Packing Brush.
  3. Repeat on the upper lip and you’re all done! You can recreate this look with any lip and glitter color combos you want!

Sultry Dark Red Lip

This sultry red lip will not only impress your date/partner, but the kiss-proof formula will also last all day and night.

  1. Line your lips with the Let’s Chill Teeny Weeny Lip Liner. You can draw the line pretty thickly, as it will help you blend the lip colors together. Use a lighter pressure as you get closer to the center of your lips.
  2. Next, Apply Radical Red Notorious Liquid Lip Color all over the lips, going over part of the lip liner. Smack your lips to blend together lightly. You can also use a lip brush or your fingers to get a smoother blend.
  3. Finally, apply Atomic Anger Notorious Liquid Lip Color in the very center of your lips for a bright pop and to complete the ombre. This will create dimension and make your lips appear plumper. 
  4. All done! Kiss the night away <3

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