The Peach Perfect Nudes: United Pinky Nudes & United Peachy Nudes

The Peach Perfect Nudes: United Pinky Nudes & United Peachy Nudes

We have about one month before the end of summer. Sad to see her go but happy to say hello to peach season! Say goodbye to the summer with the perfect peachy nudes to wear all month long. 

With summer coming to an end, you might notice everyone’s a shade darker from all the tanning and fun summer activities. Rude Cosmetics has created two palettes with the perfect peachy nudes for any skin tone. You may be asking, how do I create the perfect eye look with these palettes? Well…Keep reading to find out! 

Each shade in the United Pinky Nudes Palette is inspired by an iconic U.S. city, and they’re so versatile that they can take you from natural to full glam. You don’t need to be a patriot to let your pink flag fly! 

Tutorial using United Pinky Nudes

Step 1: Transition Colors

Transition colors are the shades used to create a seamless blend between shades. Normally, you would use a lighter shade or even a shade closer to your skin tone. United Pinky Nudes palette has several transition colors to choose from, including; New Heaven, Sprungfield, Pam Bayby and Topek At Ya. 

With a blending brush, lightly tap over the shade on the palette. Then in a light sweeping motion apply the transition color from your crease up towards your brow bone, stopping at the midway point. 

Step 2: Defining the Crease

For this step, you will add a darker shade to add some definition to your crease. The shade you choose will determine the direction that you will go in with your look. Some shades you can use are: SyraScuse Me?, ReNoNo, Darling Heights, Beumontiful and RoseVillain. 

With a crease brush lightly tap pick up some eyeshadow from the pan. Then place directly onto the crease, and in a back and forth motion going from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, blend the color into the crease. If you would like to soften up the edges a bit more use a bit of the transition shade and with the blending brush lightly blend out the edges. 

Step 3: Adding a bit of DRAMA

This last step is optional, but our favorite. If you want to go for a more subtle look, you can stop at step 2. However, we believe more is better. Add some glam with glitter to your look with Lovewell, TemptMe or Concorgeous. If you want to define your eyes and crease a little more you can even add an even darker color, for example, Mesquite or Opaquewood. 

To add some glitter we recommend using a flat brush or even your finger to pick up the most pigment. Lightly tap the glitters onto your eyelid. If you want to define your crease a little more, or just add some drama with a darker color, using a small eyeshadow brush, lightly add shadow to your lid starting from the outer corner of your eye and lightly blending that in. 

Follow these steps with any palette including our United Peachy Nudes, or mix and match different colors from different palettes. 

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