Spooky Lip Looks - Halloween with Rude Cosmetics

Spooky Lip Looks - Halloween with Rude Cosmetics
Halloween is coming up in a week and you know what that means? Halloween makeup! 
Whether you are rushing for a last-minute costume or have been prepared since November 1st of last year, Rude Cosmetics has you covered with whatever you need to make an impression this Halloween. 
Let’s talk about the perfect spooky lip. There is so much you can do to add to your costume makeup or even spook up your regular makeup! To get a couple of ideas, here are some easy looks you can try using Rude Cosmetics:

Vampire Ombre Lip 

This look uses the following products: City of Flashing Lights eyeliner in Black, Notorious Liquid Lip in Destructive Behavior, Rainbow Spiked pigment in Black and White, Star Party liquid eyeshadow in Solstice
  1. Start off by lining your lips with our City of Flashing Lights eyeliner in black. This will be the darkest color of the ombre gradient.
  2. Next, apply the Notorious Liquid Lip in the shade Destructive Behavior. Smack your lips together to start the blend. You can also use a brush to further blend the black lip line into the center color. 
  3. Apply a little more lipstick to the inner center of your lips, if needed, to create the lightest color of the ombre.
  4. Using our white Rainbow Spiked pigment, draw out two triangles pointing down on the lower lip to look like fangs. Line the outer edges of the fangs with black to create contrast and depth.
  5. For a little extra pizzazz, apply our Star Party liquid eyeshadow in the shade Solstice to the very center of the lips for a pop of glitter.


  • TIP: If you don’t have a brush for making precise designs, you can clean and reuse an old liquid eyeliner brush. We also have a variety of brushes you can use for this look.
  • TIP: This look will work with almost any other lip color. Feel free to play around with lip and glitter color combinations! 


Beetlejuice Inspired Lip

This look uses the City of Flashing Lights eyeliner in the shades Black, Oat Milk, Freshly Cut, and Magenta Fever.
  1. First, line your top lip with the black City of Flashing Lights eyeliner
  2. Using white eyeliner, draw out 4 stripes on the top lip. Fill in the negative space with black eyeliner to create the black and white striped pattern.
  3. Fill in the entirety of the bottom lip with our Freshly Cut eyeliner. Finally, line the bottom lip with Magenta Fever and you’re done!


  • TIP: It’s usually best to start with lighter colors, so darker colors can layer on top better
  • TIP: you can use the tools and techniques from these tutorials for other similar looks as well! You can always use eyeliners with a precise tip such as the City of Flashing Lights eyeliner to create precise designs all over the face.
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