Mad About Manga

Mad About Manga

Have you heard about our Manga Collection? This fun and vibrant collection features a variety of products for the eyes, lips, and face, from stunning pressed pigments and eyeshadows, to twinkling powder highlighters, to glossy lip oil stains. Animate your character and create your own adventure with our manga collection products!

Manga Anime Book 2 is where it all started. This versatile palette of 35 wearable neutrals has everything you need for any natural glam. These pigmented 27 shimmers and 8 mattes will bring your eye looks to life, and come in a larger palette, or a smaller paperback version for those on the go or on a budget!

If you’re a little more adventurous, try out our 2A or 2B Pressed Pigment & Shadows palettes. Think of them as Book 2’s fun and energetic twin sisters. Manga Anime Book 2A boasts a spectrum of pigmented brights, while Manga Anime Book 2B has a wide range of fiery warm hues. 

Our next “generation” of products follows the stories of our four main protagonists: Rudeko-Hime, Sawa-Chan, Neko-Chan, and Kirei-Sama. Each collection features a 15-color palette, a highlighter, a set of faux mink lashes, and two enchanting lip products. 

Not sure which character you resonate with? No problem!

Rudeko-Hime is fiery and passionate, and her collection contains warm tones. Sawa-Chan is fun and flirty, and her collection contains pink tones. Neko-Chan is playful and cool, and her collection has blue/purple tones. Kirei-Sama is independent and eccentric, and her collection has a mix of icy and earthy tones. Of course, you can always mix and match to your liking.


Each protagonist has her own 15 color pressed pigment and eyeshadow palette, with both mattes and shimmers, designed to capture their individual flairs. Pick your character or collect them all to learn their stories! (Adventures of Rudeko, First Love Diary, Cat Girl Chronicles, Attitude Academia)

The Manga Collection Twinkle Twinkle Highlighters will have you turning heads everywhere. These four unique shades in a buildable shimmer formula catch the light just right. (Rudeko's Dragon, Sawa-Chan's Heart, Neko-Chan's Paws, Kirei-Sama's Playlist)

Complete your eye look with a pair of 3D faux mink lashes. Like a wispy lash? What about a spikey and dramatic lash? Or something more flared out? Find your favorite style out of this collection!

To finish off your manga collection glam, try out Manga Lip Balms or Manga Sparkle Lip Oils. These hydrating lip products will leave behind a pink stain unique to you and your pH levels! Choose your favorite scent/flavor for a moisturized and shiny pout that will have you wanting more.

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