Last Minute Makeup Tips - Halloween with Rude Cosmetics

Last Minute Makeup Tips - Halloween with Rude Cosmetics
Today’s the day! As you make the last touches on your Halloween makeup, here are some tips to get your makeup looking great all day or night. 
As a prior warning, we recommend that you try your best to stay away from Halloween/costume store makeup, as much of it can damage your skin and contain toxic ingredients. If working with new or unfamiliar products, make sure to test it on a patch of skin at least 24 hours beforehand to gauge for allergic reactions.

  • All About Prep!
  • The first step for a perfect Halloween makeup look is a flawless base. Make sure to start with freshly cleansed skin, followed by your favorite moisturizer or moisturizing primer. All that heavy makeup will likely stress your skin out, so make sure to prepare accordingly. Atop this moisturizing layer, apply a light layer of powder all over your face for a smoother finish. Next, you can apply an oil control primer if you tend to get shiny throughout the day. Finally, apply whatever foundation or face makeup you need for your smooth and budge-free canvas. Finish off with a long-wear setting spray.

  • Dramat-eyes it
  • The key to many festive and spooky makeup creations is a bold and dramatic eye. You can easily use dark eyeshadows in blacks, browns, purples, or reds to add some extra depth to any makeup look. Smoke out the shadow all over the lid and don’t be afraid to blend it out up to the brow, out to the temples, or even down to the cheeks. Continue to venture out with rhinestones, colored contacts, bold graphic eyeliner, or dramatic lashes.
    Eyes with smokey makeup and green colored contacts

  • DIY SFX (Do-it-Yourself Special Effects)
  • You can easily incorporate special effects makeup into your costume with makeup and tools you have around at home already. To create fake blood, you can mix together water, cornstarch, and food coloring. You can also achieve the look of blood by using dark red lipstick mixed with a thick clear lip gloss. For a darker effect, add chocolate syrup or black eyeshadow, respectively. To create an easy splatter effect, use a flat makeup brush or toothbrush to flick the blood mixture onto any part of the face. Feel free to thin out the blood with water to make this easier. 
    To create the look of an open wound, you can use lash adhesive to apply strips of tissue paper to the face. You can create realistic texture by wrinkling the paper a bit, but make sure to smooth out the edges to blend into the skin. When it is completely dry, apply black or dark brown color to the open part of the wound to look like dried blood. Next, use a combination of fake blood and eyeshadow to create bleeding and bruising around the wound. Finally, blend your foundation or base makeup around the edges of the tissue that don’t already blend into the skin. 
    You can use any of the products linked here, but we also recommend the following for a similar look: Rainbow Spiked Base Pigment + Disco Dance Floor ProFX Palette

  • Set and Forget
  • Whether you are partying all night or staying at home passing out candy, the key to getting your makeup to stay as long as possible is setting it properly. Make sure you are applying all your cream products together and powder products together on top. Baking is a great way to keep your T-zone matte and crease free. To bake, pick up a generous amount of loose powder with a brush or sponge and apply. Let the product sit (or bake) for 5-10 minutes and dust off after. If you are wearing any glasses or masks that you will be taking on and off, you can keep those areas smudge free by applying a little bit of eyeshadow primer blended into your base makeup. Finally, finish off the whole face with a layer of setting powder and a couple spritzes of setting spray. For a ghostly look, you can also use a setting powder that’s a little lighter than your skin tone.

  • Take it off!
  • After a long day or night, it may be tempting to go straight to bed with your makeup still on. But especially with the heavy makeup of Halloween, you may experience breakouts, eye irritation, or skin sensitivity if you do not remove all your makeup before bed. Start with a makeup removal product like micellar water or a cleansing balm. Make sure to be gentle with your eye area. Instead of rubbing and tugging, let the product sit or gently massage to get all your stubborn eye makeup off. Feel free to repeat until you feel like most of your makeup is off. Follow this up with a quick rinse and your favorite cleanser. Finally, we recommend finishing your skincare off with a soothing face mask and a barrier-repairing moisturizer. This will ensure that your skin stays happy even after intense makeup and cleansing.


    Cotton pads with makeup remover


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