Festive Fall Eyes

Festive Fall Eyes
The chill of autumn is beginning to settle here in Los Angeles and with the holiday season coming up, we have you covered with some easy ways to (pumpkin) spice up your makeup! Here, we have some tips and tricks for creating the perfect festive fall eye looks. 


As the seasons change, we often wear different colored clothes to reflect that. This applies with makeup as well! We tend to gravitate towards warm and earthy colors like browns, oranges, and gold. Alternatively, cooler colors associated with this season are pinks, purples, and berries. 
Rude Cosmetics carries a couple of palettes that would pair perfectly with the season. If you like warmer tones in your eyeshadow, try out our Be Square palette in Nerdy. This palette includes a variety of shades in a couple of different finishes. Use a lighter color to swipe into the crease and darken with a brown or terracotta shade. Finish off with one of the shimmers or glitters on the lid.
If you tend to go for more pinks and berries, we recommend our Roaring 20s palette in Carefree. With these nude pinks, deep berries, and festive shimmers, you can create eye looks fit for any fall occasion. Some of our favorite shades include Jitterbug, On the Level, So Keen, and Nifty. 
If you can’t decide between warm or cool, try out the Manga Anime 35 Eyeshadow Palette Book 2B. This palette has shades ranging from shimmery yellow golds to cool purples to creamy neutral mattes. This versatile palette would be all you need this season!
To top off any look and go the extra mile, go for one of our Star Party liquid glitter eyeshadows. Swipe with the applicator all over the upper lid for some drama or tap a little into the center or inner areas of the lid with your fingers for something more subtle. 


Eyeliner can play a crucial role in any makeup look. Whether you like winged eyeliner or a subtle swipe in the waterline, an easy way to warm up your look is to substitute your black eyeliner with a brown one. Rude Cosmetics carries brown eyeliners in a variety of different formulas. If you are a liquid eyeliner type of person, try out the Police Eyeliner Up Pen in Big House. If you prefer pencil eyeliner, we carry the City of Flashing Lights Retractable Eyeliner in a variety of shades. you can also check eyeshadow palette. 
For a little bit of fun, you can try out eyeliners in a variety of colors and finishes that stay true to the festivity of fall. I personally love purple eyeliner, as it brings out the warm tones in brown eyes and lighter complexions. Another color to try could be a shimmery gold in the lower lash line. If you like something intense and bold, red would look great as a sharp wing or a simple graphic eyeliner. 
Another eyeliner formula we carry that I have to mention is the Splash Liner, which is a water activated color that works great for graphic eyeliner looks. To use it, you dip one of our Splash Liner brushes in water and wet the color of choice. As you swirl it around in the pan, the color will saturate your brush, and then you will be ready to create any designs you want. You can use less or more water to get your desired pigmentation and opacity. Because it is water-activated, you can just wet a cotton swab with water and clean up any lines or mistakes.
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