Eyeliner on Freak - Halloween with Rude Cosmetics

Eyeliner on Freak - Halloween with Rude Cosmetics

With Halloween in just 4 days, we have some easy eyeliner tips to help you step up your makeup game. If you want your eyeliner to look on freak (on fleek), these tutorials will come in handy for makeup beginners and experts alike. 

Spider Web Eyeliner

This look uses the Police Eyeliner Up Pen in the shade Bail Bond (black).


  1. First, draw a line with the eyeliner outwards from the outer corner of your eye, ending it below the tip of your eyebrow. 
  2. Next draw a line from the end of the previous line inwards, above the crease of the eye and towards the inner corner.
  3. Draw two lines inwards from where the two previous lines met, beginning to create the main frame of the spider web.
  4. To complete the web, draw curved lines between each of the four previous lines.
  5. Draw two small circes below the outer tip of your eyeliner so far, with one slightly bigger and right below the other. This will create the body of the spider.
  6. Add four thin lines curving out from the body on each side of the spider. These will be the legs.
  7. Finally, connect the head of the spider to the tip of the spider web.

  • TIP: You can use our Surgically Precise Makeup Eraser to clean up the edges of your eyeliner. Alternatively, some makeup remover on a cotton bud or concealer on a brush will do the job.
  • TIP: If you are not confident with liquid eyeliner, you can use eyeshadow on a precise brush to map out your lines beforehand, since it is a bit more forgiving. Use the eyeshadow as a guide for the liquid eyeliner to go on top of, or you can leave as is.

Spooky Ghost Eyeliner

This look uses the Splash Liner Water Activated Color in Graphite. We recommend using our Splash Liner brushes.


  1. Dip a small pointed brush into water, then saturate it with the white color in the Graphite Splash Liner. Below the end of the eyebrow, create a small teardrop shape tipped on its side, with the wider round side facing out. 
  2. Drag the tip of the teardrop in towards the inner corner of the eye, above the crease. Make sure that as the shape continues inward, the shape continuously thins out to a point and follows the shape of the eye.
  3. Wet a thinner eyeliner brush and, using the black color in the palette, create two ovals, one on top of the other. This will be the ghost’s eyes.
  4. Draw a smaller circle to the left of the ovals to create the mouth of the ghost
  5. If you would like, you can use the black eyeliner to create winged eyeliner to complete the look. To do this, draw a line out and slightly upward from the outer corner of the eye. Connect the end of the previous line inward towards the middle of the upper lashline, creating a triangular wing shape. Finally, fill in the triangle to complete.

  • TIP: Since these eyeliners are water-activated, water will easily remove any mistakes or clean up any rough edges. You can wet a cotton bud or another clean brush to do this.
  • TIP: You can play around with this look by creating more ghosts with different expressions or in different places on the face, following the same general shapes as a guide.

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