Summer Is Coming: Don’t Forget to Set It And Forget It!

Summer Is Coming: Don’t Forget to Set It And Forget It!
Summer is coming, do you know what that means? Sweating through your makeup! But what if we told you that there is no need to give up on your foundation and have the hot girl summer of your dreams. That’s right, slay your way through Bad B summer with a flawless face of makeup. All you need is a setting spray that will help you set it and forget it! 
What is setting spray? Setting Spray is a cosmetics product designed to preserve applied makeup in place for long periods of time. Usually sold in small spray bottles, setting spray is applied by spritzing the face, keeping your makeup application intact for several hours. Originally setting spray was produced for the entertainment industry by cosmetics companies, and was solely used to limit makeup application for actors in theater and film. A cosmetics company by the name of Skindinavia was the first to release a consumer friendly setting spray. They called it Makeup Finishing Spray, it then gained popularity in Hollywood where it was used in programs such as Project Runway and Dancing With The Stars. Since Skindinavia’s launch, many other brands began developing their own setting sprays, and with time, redefining the meaning of a setting spray. 
Companies have created a number of different kinds of sprays with different uses. There are setting sprays with matte finishes, while others are designed to keep your face more hydrated and have a more dewy finish. There are also sprays that are intended to make your makeup sweat-proof and waterproof. Setting spray is one of those makeup products that can be used in other ways aside from its intended use. You can use setting spray to give your face a little more hydration if you overdid it with the powder; feel free to re-apply it throughout the day as needed for added longevity to your makeup as well. You can also use it to prep your skin before makeup application either for oil control or added hydration. You can even use your setting spray to help you give your shimmer shadows a little extra help to give it that blinding effect. 
You might be asking yourself, how do I know which setting spray is right for me? Well the truth is anyone can use any setting spray type, it really depends on what kind of finish you are looking for. But here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your skin type.
If you have oily skin and have trouble keeping your foundation on throughout the day, you might want to look into a setting spray with a matte finish. The Rude Cosmetics Shine Control Lasting Makeup Mist, is a great option as it helps with oil control and will give your makeup a matte finish. However, if your skin is more on the dryer side, give our Radiant Lasting Makeup Mist a try! This illuminating formula hydrates, refreshes and balances your overall makeup. Use this hydrating mist to refresh your skin if you went a little overboard with powder on the face. The great thing about these two setting sprays is that the packaging allows the spray to go on more like a mist, which is a lot more soothing and allows for a more even coverage all over the face. 
Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your makeup using some of our favorite Rude Cosmetics mists: 
Let’s begin by prepping and priming the skin. Before you go in with your favorite foundation, to ensure the best application, start by applying a thin layer of your favorite moisturizer and spraying a bit of our Rude Cosmetics Makeup Primer Spray. This matte finish formula is guaranteed to keep your makeup lasting all day and keep your oils away. We recommend using this if your skin is more on the oily side and you need that little extra help on those hot summer days.
Once you have your base all complete and ready, it’s time to start on the face. When doing your makeup for hot summer days, we often think about how we can make our makeup last longer. If you have dry skin, it is best to use a hydrating primer as well as a non-matte foundation or it might dry out your skin more and give you texture. A velvety foundation or dewy finish foundation is recommended. Minimal powder is needed for dry skin as adding too many powders can dry out your face or even add texture to your foundation. However, an easy fix to this is simply using a hydrating setting spray like the Radiant Lasting Makeup Mist. If you have oily skin on the other hand, you might have a little bit more trouble keeping your makeup on throughout the day when it is hot out. We recommend starting with a mattifying primer, our Rude Cosmetics POREnographic - Mattifying Primer will help minimize the appearance of your pores and keeps oils and shine at bay. When you have oily skin, powders can be your best friend, keep in mind that if you want a “dewy” or “bronzed” look for the summer you might need to create the illusion of it using powders if you want your makeup to last you through the day. A matte face with waterproof type makeup is your best ally when it comes to doing your makeup on hot summer days. Once you have your face done, spray a bit of our Shine Control Lasting Makeup Mist, to set the makeup, reduce the appearance of a powdered face and keep your makeup lasting all day. 
No matter your skin type, there is a setting spray out there for you. In the meantime check out our options at
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