The Ultimate Mother's Day Shopping Guide

The Ultimate Mother's Day Shopping Guide
Mother's Day is coming up and let's be honest... Moms don't get enough credit. Who else is going to pick us up when we fall, cook the most comforting meals, and be a shoulder to cry on while simultaneously being the best badass role model they can be?! It's almost RUDE to only have one day dedicated to them! But who said you can't spoil Mama every day of the year, am I right?
With Mother's Day right around the corner, here are some of our fav mom-worthy picks for all the special ladies out there.
For the on-the-go mama, ease and practicality is a must, but not at the expense of looking good! We recommend our Superfantastic Multipurpose Makeup Pencil, which is perfect for priming, concealing, and brightening. Pair it with our Magic Duo Highlight and Contour Stick, which makes highlighting and contouring an absolute breeze. Mom can cut her makeup routine in half with these makeup staples. Once she's done, she can simply throw them in her bag and walk out the door. So easy!
For the picture ready moms who love sharing all her fav moments online with friends and family, we recommend our High Gloss Profit Lip Lacquer. Highly pigmented and oh so glossy, it's sure to put a pretty pout on anyone! Pair this gloss with our Cocktail Party Luminous Highlight / Eyeshadow Palette in Sangria to add some sparkle to the eyes and cheeks. This shimmery combo is sure to make Mom shine in all her pics and vids! Cheers to that!
Even superheroes (aka supermoms) need to unwind every once in a while. For the spa loving mommies, we recommend our Red Red Wine - Wine Therapy Set! Let mom pour a glass of wine and cater to herself for once with this luxurious foam cleanser, toner, and emulsion set. No self-care routine is complete without our Save My Lips Moisturizing Lip Oil to lock in all that beauty and moisture for the night. Who wouldn't feel rejuvenated after a good ol' spa treatment?
Don't be rude, buy your mom some flowers, take her to lunch, and gift her with some amazing makeup and skincare! She'll love these gestures almost as much as she loves you!
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