Mother's Day: Getting Ready with Toddlers

Mother's Day: Getting Ready with Toddlers

If you weren’t already aware, Mother’s Day is coming up! It’s the day of the year we set aside to honor and celebrate the women who raised us. And let’s be real, moms should be celebrated every day of the year. Being a mom means silence can be GOLDEN, unless you have a toddler, then it just becomes suspicious. Once you become a mom, your time is now taken up by an emotionally unstable pint-sized dictator with the uncanny ability to know exactly how far to push you towards utter insanity before reverting into a lovable cuddle-monster. 


However, becoming a mom should not mean giving up on your love for makeup. Unfortunately, if you are a toddler mom, there is always a tiny little hand reaching in from all directions trying to get in on whatever mommy is up to. This can be EXTREMELY frustrating and simply handing them something to play with can often end in disaster. This is why Rude Cosmetics created the Small and Mini Makeup Cases. These cases are perfect for keeping your makeup safe and sound. Not only are they hard cases to help prevent makeup from breaking in case you drop it, but they even come with a key! That’s right, your eyeshadow palettes will be locked away and safe from baby finger nails. 


One of the struggles of doing your makeup AND having a toddler, is having your makeup last through the day. Not only does your makeup need to last the wear and tear of your natural oils, but also the constant face-touching your kid will be doing throughout the day. Prep and prime with our Makeup Primer Spray! This matte finish spray is guaranteed to have your makeup to last all-day long. At the end of your makeup routine, set your face with the Shine Control Lasting Makeup Mist for Oily Skin types or the Radiant Lashing Makeup Mist for a more hydrated, dewy look. These setting sprays are designed to dispense in a soothing fine mist that will help you slay all day. If you have a kid with grabby fingers that will try to grab at your lashes, give our Stuck on You Lash Adhesive Liner a try! This cruelty-free, waterproof lash adhesive is applied directly to your lash line, so you never have to deal with messy sticky glue ever again.


When it comes to long lasting formulas, Rude Cosmetics is no stranger. Everyone knows that your lipstick coming off everywhere and basically disappearing throughout the day can be annoying. If you are a toddler mom, reapplying might be even more inconvenient. A long-lasting matte-finish lipstick is the way to go when keeping in mind the effectiveness and convenience. The perfect example of this are the Notorious Liquid Lip Colors. Notorious liquid lip colors by Rude are cruelty-free, high coverage, long-lasting, and have a smooth formula that will not flake or dry out the lips throughout the day. Perfect for showering your little one in kisses without leaving a giant lipstick mark. 


Of course, being a mom means that the best thing for you mentally is to take some time for yourself to sit back and relax. Nothing beats a nice glass of wine right? Well now you not only can drink it, but also use it to care for your skin! Take some time off and treat yourself to the amazing benefits of Red Wine Therapy. Smooth, brighten, and keep yourself looking youthful with our Red Red Wine Therapy Set. If you simply can’t find the time, that’s perfectly ok. Try out our Good Night Rose Sleeping Pack -  put this mask on overnight to keep your skin fresh and rejuvenated with the help of rose extract and rose petals. Enjoy gorgeous, glowing skin that is moisturized and plump, with our Pickle My Face Hydrogel Cucumber Mask. Taking care of your skin is super important once you become a mom; being a mom can be very stressful, which is why having the right tools can help you stay looking your best. No one will even know you haven’t slept in 3 days. 

Wine Therapy Set

Skincare Addict Set

If you are a skincare addict, give yourself the gift of relaxation with our Wine Therapy and Skincare Addict Mother’s Day Sets (or give someone a hint with a link or two). The Wine Therapy Set includes our Red Red Wine Foam Cleanser and our Pineapple Face Bubble Peeling Gel, which are perfect for keeping your face as smooth as a baby’s butt! This set also includes our Bubblelicious Lip Exfoliator and Virginish Lip Glow to keep your lips kiss ready for that special night. If you want a more all around skincare routine, we recommend our Skincare Addict Mother’s Day Set. This set has a product for everything! Keep your face nice and hydrated throughout the day with our Mermaid Water Hydrating Mist, or sit back and relax with our Fizz Bizz Cleanse Bubble Mask. This set even includes the Yuck Away! Foot Essence, for keeping your feet nice and soft and odor free. This essence is made with natural onion extract oils, and onions double moisture layer to restore moisture and hydration to dry, cracked skin. With extra ingredients such as apple, mint, lime and carbonated water, Yuck Away! gives skin an uplifting and refreshing feel. Everyone knows that being a toddler mom includes a lot of running around after your little one and basically feeling like you’ve run a marathon after a day of playing with a 2 year old. Your heels become worn out and cracked and soon no longer want to wear heels or sandals anymore, so regain the confidence in your feet with our cruelty-free and vegan foot essence. 

Queen of the Household Set

Date Night Set

Because all moms are the queens of their household and what they say goes, we created the Queen of the Household Mother’s Day Set. This set has some skincare and some makeup so you can treat yourself like the queen you are. This set has our Red Red Wine Therapy Set, Bubblelicious Lip Exfoliator, Prelude Eyeshadow Primer, Face Card Palette - Queen of Hearts, Sultry Eyes Mascara, Berry Juicy Lip Gloss Set, and What a Softy Precision Beauty Sponge. Be ready and stay ready with our Date Night Mother’s Day Set.  This set includes our Oh Wow! Miracle Glow Set, Lingerie Collection - Romantic Nights Palette, Silver Bullet Eyeshadow Brush, Surgically Precise Makeup Eraser, Obnoxious Volume Mascara, Serum of Love - Rose Petal, and Crime Does Pay Notorious Lip Color Set - Dark. These two sets will surely help you achieve that perfect date night look for your special day. 


Add a little more color to your look with our Not So Basic Mother’s Day Set. This set includes our amazing City of Neon Lights Palette, Shine Control Lasting Makeup Mist, Sultry Eyes Mascara, and many more products that will surely help you add that little bit of ✨Spice✨ to your day, as the kids say on TikTok. As a mom, you might be thinking to yourself “Neon?! What, am I going clubbing?” If neons seem a little too out there for you, take a look at our Pretty In Pink Mother’s Day Set. This set includes all the essentials to keep you looking flawless, and our Roaring 20s Carefree Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect nude pink palette that will help you add just a little splash of color to your look. These sets will definitely help you bring out your inner diva. 

Because we understand that getting ready with toddlers is not an easy task. All of these sets all include essential items that will help you achieve your desired look without needing to keep track of too many products. They are perfect for the everyday mom, who is just looking to change up her look a bit. You can view these sets and more at 

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