Eat, Sleep, Rave & Repeat: Rude Rave Bae

Eat, Sleep, Rave & Repeat: Rude Rave Bae
Sun’s out, buns out! Festival Season is finally here. Whether you’re a kandi kid at heart or new to the EDM scene, we’ll have you ready just in time for the next festival.
At the start of the pandemic, so many things had to be put on pause and that included raves and festivals. Now fast forward to 2022, where the outside is finally opening back up.
The rave community is happy to be able to come together once more to enjoy good music, good company, and good vibes all around. Whether you’re new to the community or a veteran, it can definitely be tough entering the scene after these past 2 years. One of the most common worries for any festival goer is, of course:
“What am I going to wear?!”
Our best advice is wear what you feel good in and just have fun with it! Getting ready for the festival is the start of all the fun of what’s to come. The easiest way to come up with an outfit aesthetic when you’re unsure is to color block.
Lucky for you, here at Rude Cosmetics, we literally have an eyeshadow collection called EDM Collection where each palette is already color blocked for you. Because duh, you can’t just pop out without some fire makeup to compliment the fit. And you never know, you might just end up being someone’s rave bae at the end of the night.

Pretty in Pink


If you’re trying to get trapped and boo’d up, our Trap palette is for you! With its range of pinks and soft glitz, this palette is perfect for that all pink color block. Get creative and play around with color gradients and even stencils to achieve that flirty look. Make a statement with the shade that goes as hard as its name Moshpit and pair it with that Fire Mixtape combo and you’ll be all set for the next DJ set.

Warning: someone might just fall in e-love with you when you use this palette.


Orange You Glad You Came? 


Trying to get into the Riddim of things? Our orange-esque Dubstep palette is the one for you. This palette’s warm tones will have you ready for all the summer festival lineups. This color story is perfect for turning your eyelids into literal shining sunsets. You don’t have to wait for the Bass Drop to get hyped when you have this palette to tie in your orange inspired look.


And it was All Yellow


Feeling Ecstatic about all of these festivals coming back? Trying to get back into the Rhythm of things? Well look no further, the Electro House palette is your go-to for that vibrant yellow look. Shine like the star you are even if you’re not on the main stage. Shuffle your way into the event with this sickening combination of yellow, shimmers, and gold.


Go Green


The Energy when you first get to the rave is like no other. You suddenly find yourself in a whole new world as soon as you hear the Frequency of that first song. Go hard in the paint with the Hard Style palette and its gleaming greens. Whether you’re going for a more earthy look or beyond extraterrestrial, you can achieve it easily with this all green color story.


Feeling Blue

Who says blue is only for when you’re sad? You’ll feel an instant Serotonin boost once you try the Future Bass palette. The beautiful hues of blue will have you shed a tear with its strong and bold payoff. The range of looks you can do will have you singing from techno babe to melodic mermaid with shades like Vocals and Virtual.


Power of Purple

Break out of the grape and Barney purple stigma and delve into Euphoric Euphoria inspired looks with an all purple color story. You find yourself in a Trance with this palette and its vibrant purple matte and shimmer shades. Catch the Lasers hitting the top of your eyelids and watch your makeup shine brighter than the actual lights, almost Hypnotic to those who’ll catch a glimpse.

When you find the perfect color for you, don’t forget to set it and forget it! Summer festivals are all fun until the sun starts beating down and the sweat comes pouring. To give your makeup a better chance at lasting the day until the night, we highly suggest coming in prepared by using one of our makeup mists.

To all of our Rude Rave Baes, make sure you slay the day but also to stay safe and hydrated at any of these upcoming festivals. If you’re ever looking for new makeup inspos for the next event, keep up with us by following our Instagram at

And if you’re ever looking for more products to add to your makeup arsenal, check out the rest of what we have to offer at



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