It's RUDE Not to Love Yourself: Self-Care

It's RUDE Not to Love Yourself: Self-Care

We’re going to say this once and one time only: you don’t need Valentine’s Day to show some love! The holiday has passed and the month of February is over. What now? Here at Rude, we encourage you to show your love all-year round. There is no right time to TREAT YO SELF okurrrt. 

Here’s some tips & tricks that we personally like to do to help us feel like our best selves.


Let’s be real, everyone knows you’re a certified baddie once the lashes come on. There’s just this air of confidence when you put on a new pair of lashes or even your all-time favorites. The best part is, there’s a lash for everyone! Our false eyelashes variety here at Rude ranges from cute and simple like our Korean Silk 3D Lashes to bold and dramatic like our Essential Faux Mink 6D Lashes. Bat your eyes and stay unbothered with our lashes. You know what they say, your eyes are windows to your soul so protect your soul and put these blinds on. We out here to protect our peace and that’s on period, sis.


Life itself doesn’t have a cheat code, that’s a known fact. BUT, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some hacks here and there to make yours just a bit more manageable. With everything constantly evolving as the time goes, there’s always something new out there to make our lives just a bit easier. For the hustler who’s constantly on the go or even just the average joe who doesn’t want to expend extra energy. Products like our Stuck On You Lash Adhesives are a savior. It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3! This waterproof lash adhesive liner will have your lashes on before you can even say the word. Making things easier for yourself whether in your makeup routine or just life in general, is a form of love of its own.


There’s a lot you can do with your mouth. No no, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter and think more positively. Perch your lips and speak Words of Affirmation. It doesn’t hurt to take care of the very mouth you speak tenderly with, in fact, we encourage it. Our Hydro Shine Moisturizing Lipstick will keep your lips feeling as good as the words you use to speak of yourself. If you’re not much of a lipstick person, our Bare Lips Moisturizing Tinted Lip Balm will do your words and lips the same justice. The cute heart packaging is a plus. But back to the Words of Affirmation. Let’s be real, everyday is a struggle when it comes to your own image of yourself. It honestly starts with how you choose to speak on yourself both in private and aloud to others. The greatest care will come from self-care. Reaffirm yourself and don’t wait for others because at the end of the day, you have yourself.



It’s so easy for us to overlook our own achievements, whether big or small. Sure we’ll acknowledge a milestone here and there, but then what? During this time where “grind culture” has become the social norm, we tend to not give ourselves enough slack or credit for all that we’ve done this far. When we say don’t sleep on yourself, we really mean give yourself the recognition you deserve. And most importantly, give yourself some self-care like a good night’s rest. Our Good Night series is here to help you do you, but still take care of yourself.

Both our Good Night Rose and Good Night Yuja Sleeping Packs will help you get the glow of your dreams while you stay dreaming, but wake up feeling one hunnid. If you’re unfamiliar with sleeping packs, they’re essentially overnight masks that you leave on your skin while you rest. Its design helps the nourishing ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin and acts both as a barrier and a sealant for your skincare.

As you lay and rest, your skin tends to lose moisture retention, and your lips are by far no exception. We recommend our Good Night Coconut Lip Sleeping Pack to keep your puckers ready to punch the next morning.

Even though Valentine’s Day and February are over, remember to choose to love yourself everyday whether or not that includes adding a little bit of Rude Cosmetics into it.

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