2022 New Year's Resolutions with Rude

2022 New Year's Resolutions with Rude

The New Year is upon us! 2022 is right around the corner and it is time to set our New Year’s resolutions. Some of your minds might go straight to going to the gym, however not all resolutions need to be about your physique. Here are some of our resolutions for the year 2022! 




How many of our rooms end up looking like a tornado passed through it every time we do our make up? It’s so easy for us to grab products and not put them back, and often that can lead to you losing things or not knowing where you’ve placed them. This 2022, set a goal to become more organized with your things! You won’t even need an entire vanity, but a simple makeup case will do. Some great options are the Rude Small Makeup Case and the Rude Mini Makeup Case. If you have products you use the most and would like to keep together in one area, a makeup case can be a great tool to have. Try to get into the habit of putting things back where they were after you use them, soon after you’ll have no problem doing it subconsciously. Once you get comfortable doing so, you’re on your way to mess free glam sessions.




Be honest, how long has it been since you washed your makeup brushes or beauty blender? If you answered months or not at all, it might be time for a new one or a new year’s resolution. For sanitary purposes, it is recommended that you clean your beauty blender and makeup brushes after every use, not doing so can lead to a lot of bacteria build up and can cause many skin problems. However, we all know nobody’s got time for that. Which is why this New Year, set a goal to wash your tools at least once a week. C’mon that’s not a lot, all you need is maybe 30 minutes, depending on how many brushes and blenders you have to clean. The best way to clean your tools is to leave them soaking in warm soapy water for about 15-20 minutes, then gently rub them on a brush cleaner pad or against the palm of your hand. Finally rinse and lay them flat to dry to prevent any damage to the brush hairs. For beauty blenders you may need to repeat the process several times before they are completely clean. And if your things are past the point of no return, be sure to check out our Silver Bullet Makeup Brushes and our What A Softy Beauty Sponges, including our popular Microfiber Waterdrop Cut Beauty Sponge.




If you struggle with easily irritated skin/acne, but love to wear makeup and be all dolled up, then it might be time for a routine update. With that being said, skincare definitely blew up this year. With more and more people slowly educating themselves on the benefits of skincare and what works best for them, it is safe to assume that this trend will continue into 2022. Taking care of your skin not only can help you prevent breakouts from happening due to makeup, but it’s also an important step in prepping the skin. If you struggle with dry skin, try a moisturizer before applying foundation. Some great alternatives are our Oh Wow! Soothing Moisturizing Cream and our Blue Light Barrier Hyaluronic Face Cream; both of which are rich creams that may help improve dull or dry skin. However, if you are someone who struggles with texture when applying foundation, all you may need is to add a gentle exfoliator to your routine. We recommend our 2 Minute Exfoliating Peeling Gel Wash-Off Mask. This peeling gel acts as a gentle exfoliator and can brighten the skin. If you exfoliate once a week, you will notice your foundation going on a lot smoother and lasting a lot longer too. 

TikTok really blew up this year leading to many new makeup hacks emerging from the app. Some for better and some for worse. Here are two of our favorite hacks from the TikTok app that we think would be great additions to your makeup routine.

Makeup Hack #1

Use setting spray to blend your foundation/concealer. This hack is helpful for keeping your foundation long lasting. There are a couple ways you could go about this. You can either spray your beauty sponge with setting spray before blending your foundation or you can spray the foundation on your face before blending it out (you’ll have the same results either way). Some setting sprays we recommend are the Radiant Lasting Makeup Mist and the Shine Control Matte Finish Long Lasting Makeup Mist.


Product Used: PeepShow Brow & Eyeliner Cream - Dark Side


Makeup Hack #2

Goodbye Cat Eye, Hello Bat Wing Liner! If you are someone with hooded eyes, then you understand the struggle of getting eyeliner to look nice and even on your eyes. First things first, you will need a smudge proof eyeliner that will stay all day without smudging or moving around. For this we recommend the Police Eyeliner Up Eyeliner Pen or the PeepShow Brow & Eyeliner Cream. To achieve this look you will start by drawing a straight line from the end of your eye towards the tail of your eyebrow. Then you will connect the end of the eyeliner in a straight line towards the middle of your eye. You will see that there is a gap and the line does not fully connect all the way. Instead of closing the gap and connecting the liner, using a straight line you will extend the line into your crease and curve it in a “C” shape essentially creating a bat wing like shape. If you have hooded eyes, you will see that with this shape your liner will look like a normal winged eyeliner when you have your eyes open. If you need a more in depth tutorial be sure to look up “Bat Wing Liner for Hooded Eyes” on YouTube.




2021 was the year for the no makeup makeup look, with everyone ditching their full coverage matte foundation for a more natural finish CC Cream. But here at Rude Cosmetics, we believe in being a little more bold and wearing “Makeup With An Attitude”. Thanks to platforms like TikTok and Instagram, more bold makeup is becoming more popular and we believe that 2022 will be the year to be bold and express yourself through makeup. For the year 2022…experiment with your makeup, practice more graphic eyeliner, use more colorful eyeshadows, use a different color blush or even try on some bolder lashes.

If you want to be bold give some these Rude products a try:

Splash Liner Water Activated Split Cake Face Body Paint

A little splash of water will turn these colors into liquid liners! The splash liner is available in twelve different variations, each containing multiple colors. Rude water activated split cake liners are perfect for face and body painting. 

How to Use: Wet a liner brush and swipe across the desired color before application.

Rainbow Spiked Vibrant Colors Base Pigment

Each base pigment is highly pigmented and can be used as a base primer to intensify any color you would like to achieve maximum vibrancy. Available in 11 colors and 3 nude shades for the boldest spike of color. Wear any base pigment alone or mix multiple colors to achieve the perfect base for makeup application.

Cream Puff Smooth Long Lasting Natural Blush

Flush your cheeks with sweetness with Cream Puff Smooth Long Lasting Natural Blush! Use alone for a natural glow or layer under powder for a blush that lasts all day long. An ultra smooth, creamy, and easily buildable long lasting natural blush, it's the frosting on top!

Disco Dance Floor Pro FX Palette (Boogie Nights & Slow Jammin’)

Get down and groovin' with the Disco Dance Floor FX Palette! With 18 bold, blendable, and highly pigmented creams plus two mixing creams in white and black, you can create endless art and special effects for both face and body. Can you dig it?

Essential Faux Mink 6D Lashes | 25mm Faux Mink Lashes

Maximize your everyday look with Rude Essential Faux Mink 6D Lashes. Our 25mm Lashes are guaranteed to add that extra drama with its max volume.


No matter what your new year resolution may be, the important thing is to stick to it and you’ll see that it’s totally worth it in the long run. 

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