Your Makeup For You Page - TikTok Trends

Your Makeup For You Page - TikTok Trends
Do you use TikTok? If you answered yes, I’m sure you’re aware of the many beauty trends and hacks circulating on the platform. Even if you answered no, it’s hard to deny the impact that social media has on trending products and makeup techniques. Here are a couple trends that we can’t get enough of and products we carry to help you achieve them! 

Fluffy Brows

Gone are the days of dark blocky eyebrows, because it’s all about natural fluffy brows now! This trend goes hand-in-hand with the “Clean Girl” makeup trend, which focuses on minimal, natural-looking makeup.This look is marked by natural brows brushed up with gel, emphasizing the individual hairs and minimally filled in. To achieve this, run our Stick ‘Em Up Brow Gel through your brows and shape them as the gel dries. Next, fill in any sparse areas with our Brow Artist Brow Pen, using light, hair-like strokes. 

Lip Glow

Continuing with the Clean Girl makeup trends, people have been loving natural lip colors as well, choosing to emphasize their natural lip tones rather than layering a whole other color on the top. The Virginish Lip Glow is a moisturizing balm that enhances your natural lips with a subtle wash of pink. The formula will adapt to your lips specifically to create a result that is uniquely yours.

Glowy Base

Have you heard? Matte is out and glow is in! Healthy, dewy skin is all the rage on TikTok right now and we have the right products to help you achieve it! Make sure to properly prepare your skin with your usual skincare, focusing on moisture. Next, try out one of our glowy primers. We carry a Shimmering Primer, with a smooth and hydrating formula to blur out texture and leave a beautiful glow. You can also reach for the Wishes Do Come True Glow Primer Oil (in shades Gold or Rose Gold) for a similar effect with a different consistency. Wear either product under your usual makeup or on its own!

Cream Blush

As we transition from matte to dewy, everyone is loving liquid and cream formulas over powder products. This is no exception for blush, which is all the rage right now. Create dimension and the perfect flush with our Cream Puff Natural Blush! Build up color over the apples of the cheeks and the nose bridge for a cute, sun-kissed look. Or sweep blush up and out towards the edges and high points of your cheeks for a natural lifted effect. You can also apply blush on the eyes, chin, or lips for a consistent healthy flush all over the face.
Cream Puff Long Lasting Smooth Natural Blush Samples

Graphic Liner

Another trend we can’t get enough of is graphic liner. You can really get creative with this, experimenting with lines, shapes, and colors. This may seem daunting to approach if you are a makeup or eyeliner beginner, but with water-activated eyeliners, cleaning up mistakes is easy and stress-free. We carry a line of Splash Liners, little palettes with fun eyeliner colors you can really explore with. Our favorites currently include Space Dust and Over the Rainbow. With our Splash Liner brushes, the possibilities are endless!


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