Cream Blush vs. Powder Blush: How are they different?

Cream Blush vs. Powder Blush: How are they different?
Are you team powder or team cream blush? Or do you like to mix and match? Whichever your preference is blush can make or break any makeup look. Blush is designed to make you look like you are glowing and lit from within with a healthy flush. Too much blush, not enough blending or a formula that doesn’t work with your skin can lead to a blush disaster. Whether you are going for a natural flush or going all out with a bright pink cheek, this guide will help you choose the right kind of blush for you. 
First you might ask yourself, how do I know if I should choose cream or powder blush? The answer is simple, it all comes down to your personal preference. Cream blushes impart a richer, conditioning texture, so they tend to complement those with drier complexions as they add dewiness and radiance to dull skin, have great staying power, and are less likely to cling to any dry patches or imperfections. Powder blushes — especially matte powders are an excellent option if you are on the oilier side, have larger pores, acne-prone skin, or if you’re just generally looking for a more subtle glow. Of course, you can always mix and match by using the cream blush as a base and setting it with a powder blush, depending on the look you are going for.
Luckily, Rude Cosmetics has a variety of different blushes to choose from. We are positive you will be able to find the perfect match for you. Let’s take a dive into some of Rude Cosmetics’ best selling blushes!
Rude’s very first cream blush. This collection includes six deliciously named shades. This ultra creamy formula is long-lasting and highly pigmented. Use alone for a natural glow or layer under powder for blush that lasts all day long.
Two versatile powdered blush palettes with 9 different blush shades, suited for any skin color.  Create custom colors by mixing & matching different shades or wear each shade alone. 
Cream blush colors can look more pigmented and intense in the packaging which can be intimidating for some people. However, the application process with creams can be the same as powders, using a little at a time and reapplying little by little to intensify the color. A tip we like to give to our audience is that in order to achieve a natural blush application, apply your blush in daylight. This is to ensure that you can see the pigment properly and don’t accidentally overdo it. 
For cream blush, applying with our fingers is our favorite technique, although you can also use a brush or beauty sponge to blend it out. The reason using our fingertips is our go to technique is because the warmth from your hands will actually melt the product slightly which will make it easier to blend and your fingers do not absorb any product therefore you will use less product. If you are using a brush, we recommend using a dense foundation brush. And if you are using a beauty sponge we recommend using a damp sponge instead of a dry sponge for easier application. We recommend our What a Softy Precision Beauty Sponge for precise cream blush application. To maximize the longevity of cream blushes you can set with a powder or even use a powder blush over it to both set and intensify the color.
For powder blush, we recommend using a fluffy brush to apply. Pick up some of the blush with the brush and tap off the excess. Tapping off the excesses will ensure that you do not add too much pigment at a time and will minimize fallout. When it comes to blending with blushes it is important to stay precise, you could use two brushes, one to apply and then one to blend. For this, we recommend our Silver Bullet Blush Brush. To maximize the longevity of powder blushes we recommend applying the blush over your base makeup or using a primer underneath. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Do powder or cream blushes last longer?
Powder blushes tend to last longer than cream blushes because of their formulation and texture; you can apply a powder blush in the morning and it will still be apparent in the night. Cream blushes are heavier in texture and tend to be more pigmented, much like foundation. They are more prone to rubbing off and will need a touch up at least once during the day.
Can people with oily skin wear cream blush?
Powder blushes are more compatible with oily skin types because of their mattifying and oil-absorbing properties. However, if you have oily skin and prefer the texture and finish of cream blush, then go for it! You can also layer a powder over it to take some of the shine away. Ultimately, blush is all about personal preference.
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