Fun and Festive Christmas Makeup Looks

Fun and Festive Christmas Makeup Looks

Our favorite time of the year is coming up! With (only) twenty days left until Christmas, we wanted to share some easy themed makeup tutorials to prepare you for the big day! 

Christmas Tree Graphic Eyeliner

This look uses our Splash Liner palettes in Coral Reef and Space Dust.

  1. Start off with either a clean base or apply a neutral shade all over the lid. We swiped on a quick gold shimmer for a subtle pop. We also like to start off by drawing a wing with concealer to serve as a guideline for our design. 
  2. Mixing the yellow and blue shades in our Coral Reef Splash Liner, follow the shape of your eye to create a wing. The wing should end around the tail of your eyebrow. 
  3. Next draw lines branching out from the wing you created to create the tree's shape
  4. To add dimension, use the darker turquoise color from Space Dust to draw some lines over the top of the existing design. 
  5. Using the red from Coral Reef, add circular dots on the tree to look like ornaments. You can also add ornaments of different colors.
  6. Finally, using yellow, draw a star at the tip of the tree top. 
  7. To complete the look, feel free to pop on your favorite pair of fluttery lashes

NOTE: Don't have liner brushes? We carry a line of Splash Liner Brushes for your every need.

Frosted Gingerbread Lip

This look uses our Molten Metal Lip Color and our Splash Liner in Graphite. You can use our Splash Liner brushes with this look!

  1. Start off by filling in the bottom lip and the inner upper lip with a metallic brown lip color. We chose one from our Molten Metal Lip Color line.
  2. Next, using the white color from our Graphite Splash Liner palette line the upper lip.
  3. Now, create small drips reaching down the upper lip. This will look like dripping icing. All done!

NOTE: You can swap out any of the colors in this look for different effects. This would also look good with a red base and white drips, or even a nude base with brown drips (chocolate!).

Bedazzled Christmas Eyes

This look uses our Rainbow Spiked pigments in red and green and our Such a Gem Face Jewels in Rainbow Quartz.


  1. Start off by creating a triangular winged liner with our red pigment. The eyeliner should start at the center of the eye at the lash line. 
  2. Next, smudge the green color all along the lower lash line, lightly blending outwards.
  3. Apply the red and green gems from the Rainbow Quartz Jewels above the crease of the eye, varying/alternating the colors and sizes. You can use tweezers for this step for precise application.
  4. To finish off, apply your favorite lashes. We applied a pair that flares out towards the outer corners to emphasize the winged shape of this look. 

NOTE: Although our face gems are self-adhesive, you can use a little lash glue before you stick them on to increase wear and longevity. This will come in handy if you are planning on sweating or will have your makeup on all day!


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