Zodiac Series: Aquarius

Zodiac Series: Aquarius

Aquarius season is upon us, and with mercury out of retrograde, it’s truly your time to shine! I don’t know about you, but 2023 has been just alright so far… so why not make it amazing with the perfect makeup products? Here is everything you need for you or the Aquarians in your life!


Ready for an adventure in eyeshadow? Our Manga Collection Adventures of Rudeko Pressed Pigments and Shadows Palette has 15 enchanting matte and shimmer shades for that adventurous and daring Aquarius in your life. Create a warm-toned look with these stunning golds and oranges or chill out with these cool-toned blues and browns.

If you’re looking for something a bit more monochromatic, our Spell Book palette in Love has all the charming teals, blues, and greens for your blue perfect smokey eye. 

We all love to sparkle every once in a while, and Aquarians are no exception. Top off any eye look with our Gimme Glitter Liner. The shades Jeweled, Starlight, or Twinkle would look great with the palettes mentioned above. 


An Aquarius is always on the go, independent and gets things done. That’s why you’ll need Shine Crime Blotting Powder to touch up anytime, anywhere. Shine Crime’s lightweight and long-lasting formula will keep you looking your best, no matter what life throws your way. 


Of course, we only want some shine taken away… Amplify the rest of your shine with the Diamond Sparkle Highlighter! Apply to the high points of the face or as eyeshadow to sparkle like no other. This buildable shimmer highlighter contains multidimensional sparkle in three different shades. We love to use Pearl for a frosty glimmer. Never dull your sparkle for anyone!


We know you love the classics, from music and movies, to fashion and makeup. So we know you’ll love our Attitude Matte Lipstick, a rich and creamy long-lasting formula that comes in a variety of shades ranging from subtle nudes to bold brights. Be yourself and live unapologetically with this luxurious lipstick.



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