Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Thanksgiving Glam

Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Thanksgiving Glam
Fall is here. Spooky season is over. Now it is time to give thanks, and this year we are grateful for all the amazing new products that Rude Cosmetics has put out. Nothing beats getting dolled up in your most glamorous makeup, to enjoy a nice thanksgiving dinner with the family. Here are some tips and tricks to get that perfect Thanksgiving Glam look.
If you are someone who likes being in the kitchen, but also wants to look cute for that thanksgiving dinner, we got you covered! Being in the kitchen can get you all hot and bothered, that is why having the perfect primer and setting spray can make ALL the difference. Because you will be dealing with a lot of heat and with heat, it creates moisture. You will want to mattify your face, to begin with we recommend the Mattifying POREnographic Vegan Pore Primer. This primer will help minimize the appearance of pores and prevent makeup from settling into fine lines and wrinkles.
BEAUTY TIP: After application, lightly press with the palm of your hands; the heat from your hands will melt the product into the skin, creating a seamless canvas for makeup application.

Not only will the kind of primer you use help in keeping your makeup long lasting, but also the type of setting spray you use as well. We recommend using a mattifying setting spray to set your makeup, a really good one we like is the Shine Control Matte Finish Long Lasting Makeup Mist. This long lasting formula guarantees a matte finish and helps keep oils at bay. Because of the type of packaging, this sprays as a fine mist which allows for even application every time.

PRO TIP: Spray a bit of setting spray on your beauty sponge when blending out your foundation/concealer for long lasting results. 

But let’s talk about the good stuff, the GLAM part of any holiday look. There are many looks you could pull off to show up to the family function looking like a supermodel. These are some of our favorites:


The great thing about fall is that this is the season when all the darker colors are in style and you can show up in a smokey eye to smize your way through all the family portraits. We recommend using a palette that has all the necessary colors for a smokey eye, our favorite is the Au Natural 30 Shades - Vegan Eyeshadow Palette. Here is a short step-by-step on how to achieve this look: 

Step 1: Prime your eyelids. Using your Prelude Eyeshadow Primer apply all over the eyelid. This will help eyeshadow stick and last long throughout the night. 

Step 2: Apply shade “Teddy Bear” all along the crease blending upwards slightly above your natural crease. 

Step 3: Slightly deepen the crease using chase “Smore” but keep this shade only on your crease do not blend upwards. 

Step 4: Pack on “Black Hole” all over the lid but do not pack into the crease. With a small crease brush blend the black into the two previous shades.
This is just a quick and easy way to create a smokey eye, but there is so much more you can do with it. Wing it out to create a cat-like effect, go over the black with some glitter to add a little bit of fun and sparkle to this look. Smoke out your under eyes with a fun bright color for some fun contrast.
PRO TIP: For maximum opacity, use a black gel eyeliner OR pigment eye base below the black eyeshadow to achieve the blackest back. We recommend PeepShow Brow & Eyeliner Cream - Dark Side or Rainbow Spiked Vibrant Colors Base Pigment - Black.

Cut creases are a great choice if you want to be glamorous and show off your makeup skills. They are a great way to get creative with fun colors and even some fun graphic liner. The possibilities are endless when creating cut crease looks, there are double creases, half creases, and halo eyes. Really, it’s all about finding which style you like and fits your eye shape the best. We recommend using any of your favorite Rude Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes for this one. Here is a quick little step by step on the basics of how to create a simple cut crease: 

Step 1: Prime the eyes. Using your Prelude Eyeshadow Primer apply all over the eyelid. 

Step 2: Apply a transition color to your crease. Any light color will do, so long as it helps blend out your darker colors later on. You can blend it all over your crease and blend upwards above the crease. 

Step 3: Take your darker color and apply on the crease slightly below the lighter color and blend upwards. 

Step 4: Once you are happy with the blend, it is time to cut the crease. Use a concealer, primer or foundation to do this. The idea is to crease a defined crease. 

This is obviously the basics, but cut creases are a fun way to get super creative and put your makeup skills to the test.
PRO TIP: Use a small brush to blend the shadows on your crease to keep everything as precise as possible.

No matter what look you decide to go for this Thanksgiving, be sure to check out Rude Cosmetics for all the exciting new products you need. Like our new Flower Child Eyeshadow Palette - Potpourri, the perfect fall palette to help you get into the Thanksgiving spirit. You can find this and more at

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