Rude Wrapped 2022!

2023 is now underway and we want to look back on our favorite moments and products of 2022. Here is your official 2022 Rude Wrapped: A Year in Review!

Top Products

This past year, we have received overwhelming love for these five special products. Can you take a guess as to which they are? 

Berry Juicy Lip Gloss

The wet, glossy lip look is here, and without the sticky, glue-like feel. Only soft supple moisturized lips that will have people puckering up for more. 

City of Flashing Lights Micro Retractable Liner

Our City of Flashing Lights Micro Retractable Liner - Eye and Lip Liner is highly pigmented and waterproof, the perfect way to create bold and bright makeup looks! With its twist up design, you don't have to stop your creativity, just twist up and go! 


Honey Glazed Shine Lip Color

Glaze your lips with our Honey Glazed Shine Lip Gloss Color. This lipstick is a matte lipstick and color-transfer-proof lip gloss in one. Wear the pigmented lipstick alone, or glaze your lips with the ultra shine top coat for a glassy finish. Apply the pigmented lip lacquer base coat and let it dry, then glaze your lips with the top coat to turn the lip color into a high-shine lip gloss color.

Notorious Rich Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color

That's you they're looking at with those rich and pigmented matte lips. Notorious Liquid Lip Color by Rude has high coverage and long lasting wear. Be as notorious as you want to be!

Police Eyeliner Up Eyeliner Pen

This Eyeliner pen is so precise, it’s the new law! This long lasting, bold color guarantees a single stroke that will last all day long. The pen applicator and fine tip allow you to have complete authority. Whether your style is defined or bold, this pen liner will do you justice.


And we can’t forget to give an honorable mention to these products:

Gimme Glitter Liner, The Spell Book Smooth and Blendable Eyeshadow Palette, Teeny Weeny Rich and Creamy Micro Gel Lip Liner, Essential Faux Mink 3D Lashes, City of Neon Lights - 24 Vibrant Pigment & Eyeshadow Palette


New Products

In 2022, Rude Cosmetics released over 50 new products, which included around 20 unique items in a variety of shades and color stories. 

Manga Collection - We’ve expanded our popular Manga Collection with some cute new products: The Manga 3D Faux Mink Lashes, Lip Balm, Twinkle Twinkle Highlighter, and Sparkle Lip Oil. Each comes in 4 flavors, colors, or styles. Shop the full collection here.

Brow Products - Fluffy brows have been all the rage, and we’ve released just the products to achieve the look! Say hello to Eyebrow Soap Opera, Brow Artist Brow Pen, and Stick ‘Em Up Brow Gel!

New Palettes - Here are all the new palettes we’ve launched in 2022. Complete your collection and collect them all!

Koi BootsRude SunUnited NudesBe Square



Trending Products

Everyone just could not get enough of these products on social media this year.

Rude Lip Kit

Talk that talk and make a statement with our Rude Lip Kit! We paired our highly pigmented and intense Notorious Liquid Lip Color with our rich and creamy, precise Teeny Weeny Micro Gel Lip Liner for the perfect puckered duo.

Star Party Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

Goodbye glitter fallout and hello long-wear shimmering eyes with Star Party Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow Singles!  With its fun and lively colors, Star Party Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow Singles is the product for party night out.

Splash Liner

A little splash of water will turn these colors into liquid liners! The splash liner is available in twelve different variations, each containing multiple colors. Rude water activated split cake liners are perfect for face and body painting.

Rainbow Spiked Base Pigment

Each base pigment is highly pigmented and can be used as a base primer to intensify any color you would like to achieve maximum vibrancy. Available in 11 colors and 3 nude shades for the boldest spike of color. Wear any base pigment alone or mix multiple colors to achieve the perfect base for makeup application.

United Shades of Glitter

Revolutionize the way you apply glitter. Say goodbye to the mess and hello to an extravagant application. With twenty-one colors to choose from, your looks will never be the same. No glue necessary. Wear it alone or to add sparkling accents. 



Thank you all for a great year of 2022 and we hope to see you again throughout 2023. We have so many exciting plans and products to share with you all this year, so stay tuned! 


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