Embrace the Chill: 2023 Winter Makeup Trends

Embrace the Chill: 2023 Winter Makeup Trends
Strawberry Girl Summer 🍓🌸 is officially over. And while we'll miss the sweet trends of summer, it's time to revamp your makeup collection for the ✨Most Wonderful Time of the Year✨! New winter trends are popping up everywhere, and we're here to guide you through the chillest makeup looks of the season. From cozy latte makeup to classic red lips, this winter has something for everyone.

Latte Makeup

The Latte Makeup trend has taken over Fall 2023, and it’s not going anywhere. Taking inspiration from the rich tones of your favorite caffeinated treat, latte makeup is all about warm, neutral shades like those seen here on our Nude York Face and Eye Palette.

Rude Cosmetics Nude York Eyeshadow and Face Palette. Featuring Neutral, Warm Tone Shades

Although the Fall Latte Makeup was all about soft, creamy shades, Winter Latte Makeup is a little more bold. Trade your light neutrals for deeper, burnt shades like those seen in our Nude Orleans Face and Eye Palette, and you’ll nail the Winter Latte Makeup look.


Neutral Warm Shades Nude Orleans Face and Eyeshadow Palette


Metallic Shades

Metallic shades are making a bold statement in 2023, and they're definitely an it girl addition to your makeup routine. Embrace the shimmer of your favorite holiday decor. Think New Years Eve chic! Our Hella Metallic Liners are the perfect choice to start experimenting with.


Metallic liners in shades of Garnet, Amber, Citrine, or Tiger's Eye will give your eyes a mesmerizing, otherworldly glow, and pair perfectly with the latte makeup trend! 

Glossy Eyeshadows

Glossy eyeshadows are back in a big way. They add a lustrous dimension to your eye makeup, making your eyes pop🌟 and shine. Pair our Eye Glossery with any eyeshadow to achieve the perfect glossy look. This versatile gloss can even be used on your cheeks and lips to give your skin a stunning glass-like radiance!


Classic Red Lip

The holiday season is full of timeless trends and nostalgia that wouldn't be complete without a classic red lip! Choose a red lipstick shade that complements your skin tone, whether it's a bold, blue-based red or a sultry, deep wine shade.

Line your lips with precision and blend your favorite shades of red for a flawless finish.


Or go bold with red glitter lips ❤️✨


A red lip can instantly elevate any makeup look, whether you're going full glam or casual. Our Peanuts 2-in-1 Lip Shine in shade Crabby will give you the perfect red lip, with the option of going matte or glossy!

2-in-1 Lip Shine Matte or Glossy Lips

It’s giving Charlie Brown Christmas chic! 🎅❤️🐾


Whether you opt for warm latte makeup, shimmery metallic shades, glossy eyes, classic red lips, or a combination of these trends you're sure to sleigh this holiday season! 🛷✨

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