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Our Best Colorful Eyeshadow Palettes

Looking for bold pigment that’s available in a wide range of colors? We have tons of colorful eyeshadow palettes that each have their own unique style and combinations. Colorful eyeshadow is a must have for makeup artists who want bright, festive looks. Whether you’re getting ready for a special occasion or just having fun with some new colors, we have a few recommendations that will give you full freedom over your color selection. The beauty of color is in the ability to customize your look and choose shades that suit your outfit and mood. From extreme neons to full-on rainbows, here are our best colorful eyeshadow palettes!

Most Popular Eyeshadow Palette

One of our most popular eyeshadow palettes has taken the spotlight. City of Neon Lights is a Rude favorite among many beauty bloggers and influencers across the globe. This neon palette is packed with vibrant colors that have top notch pigmentation and a smooth, smudge-free formula. This colorful palette is filled with beautiful blues and neon shades of pink. A few swatches of yellow and orange give this palette a bright pop, and a hint of lime makes it super trendy. These brilliant shades are very blendable, so you can mix colors to create your own hues. White and black are included to give you full control over the intensity of your look. Need a darker shade of blue for dramatic, sultry eyes? Mix in some black pigment! But be careful – a little goes a long way. We use high quality pigment and unique color selections so you can enjoy endless combinations that last throughout the day. Bring your neon fantasies to life with the City of Neon Lights!

If you’re into bold mattes, try our City of Pastel Lights too! This beauty has 12 bright toned pastels in one mini palette. These shadows are the perfect base for a bold blend. The City of Pastel Lights includes 12 matte shades that are formulated for smooth application. This mini palette features blue, violet, cyan, purple, magenta, yellow, lime, orange, and red – every hue you could need for a bright, colorful look!

Most Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette

The best eyeshadow palette for someone who needs extreme color payoff is the Naughty Nights palette from the Lingerie Collection. This collection was inspired by the way lingerie makes you feel strong and sexy! There’s nothing more gorgeous than a confident look that’s full of bold color. Naughty Nights has 16 completely matte shades that look beautiful on any skin tone. These vivid hues have been used by many makeup artists to create colorful makeup looks. If you’re an artist who loves bold pigmentation, this palette will be your new favorite.

Largest Colorful Eyeshadow Palette

Have you ever seen an eyeshadow palette with 60 shades?!  Rude Pro Balloons will blow you away with an essential assortment of beautiful mattes, bold and glittery shimmers, and gorgeous brights. This huge palette is specifically formulated for professional makeup artistry. 

We offer cutting edge, high quality pigment for our Rude makeup artists who need the right tools for proper makeup application. Convey yourself through art and get inspired! You will be absolutely amazed by the endless combinations of Rude Pro Balloons!

Most Wearable Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re looking for a palette that can be used every day, take a look at C’est Fantastique! This colorful palette has 30 amazing shades — 14 mattes and 16 shimmers. It’s filled with bright colors and a few nudes just in case you need a nice base, or want to create a more casual look. All of these pigments have a long lasting, creamy formula. With a wide range of warm tones and cool hues, C’est Fantastique has every color you need for a bright rainbow look! Go as far as your creativity takes you!

Most Exciting Eyeshadow Palettes

If you’re in the mood to get glammed up, United Shimmerdom has everything you need to create a dazzling look. This palette features a rainbow of rich shimmers, like nothing you’ve seen before! Designed for all skin tones, these dreamy colors have a highly pigmented, flawless finish. You will be obsessed with the way that these glistening shimmers reflect in the light. Add some sparkling accents with our United Shades of Glitter to take your glamour to the max! 

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