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Cruelty free products are healthier as they don’t feature toxic substances such as sulfates, lead, parabens, and synthetic dyes. Therefore, they are best suited for your skin and you will have fewer allergies, breakouts, and inflammation.

With so many USA makeup brands on the market, finding the best cruelty free cosmetic brand is not simple. Aside from that, finding a genuine makeup company that meets cruelty free standards is even harder. But with reliable and transparent brands like Rude Cosmetics, you cannot go wrong!

Rude Cosmetics started a few years ago and offers some of the best cruelty free beauty products on the market. Based in California, this brand has no apology for making high-end products at fantastic prices.

If you want to look stunning and create a nice vibe around you, ensure to include these 7 cruelty-free cosmetics in your beauty wardrobe. Not only will you be saving animals, but also yourself from using toxic cosmetics. Continue reading to find out.

Desperate Dreamer – 24 Eyeshadow Palette

Desperate Dreamer – 24 is the perfect eyeshadow palette for those leaving their homes for a party, event, or even a date. Not only will this cruelty-free eyeshadow palette make you look beautiful, but also last on your face. The cream to powder formula is also vegan friendly, which means that people with sensitive skin are unlikely to experience skin irritations. With 24 pigments to choose from, you can create a bold or natural look.


Double Trouble + Concealer – Linen

Are you afraid that the red spot or dark circle on your face may cost you the promotion job? Worry not as the Double Trouble plus Concealer linen will come to your rescue. This vegan and cruelty-free product can be used both as a concealer and a foundation. Featuring high capacity pigment, this product will perfectly hide the spots, circles, and discoloration on your lovely face. What’s more, this breathable formula is easy to apply, hence you don’t need a helping hand.  


Hypnotic Duo Chrome Eyeshadow – Mesmer Eyes

Another exceptional skincare makeup from Rude Cosmetics is the Hypnotic Duo Chrome eyeshadow - Mesmer Eyes. Made of cruelty-free and paraben-free products, this product is safe to use on your face. Since it provides a total of 8 different shades, you can turn your beautiful face to whatever look you yearn for. Get to mesmerize your friends and colleagues by combining different shades perfectly and get the desired attention.


Berry Juice Lip Gloss – Pure

Why use a lip gloss from countries that allow animal testing when you can get one that is cruelty free within the country? The Berry Juice lip gloss by Rude Cosmetics is not your ordinary lip gloss as it will leave your lips with luscious shine. Besides, it does not contain the sticky, glue-like feel that is common with cheap brands. You will get a vegan-friendly and high-quality formula that will last before re-applying. Select a color that you love most from the four variants offered.


POREnographic – Pore Eraser Primer

If you’re looking for the best face primer, you will love the POREnograhic – pore eraser primer from Rude Cosmetics. Made from cruelty-free and paraben-free products, this primer will help you to prepare your face for a smooth makeup application. Additionally, it will create a flawless appearance as it fills in lines and pores. So, you won’t have pore-clogging makeup around fine lines and wrinkles. This not only increases your confidence but also enables you to leave the house looking stunningly beautiful.   


Police Eyeliner Pen – Bail Bond

The best way to advocate for cruelty-free products is by getting rid of products from brands that conduct tests on animals. Replace your non-cruelty free eyeliner pen with this Police Eyeliner Pen – Bail Bond. This pen delivers accurate framing of the eyelid. You will end up with a softly smudged eyeliner as the fine tip on the eyeliner pen allows you to be in full control.


Pickle My Face Hydrogel Cucumber Mask

Rude Cosmetics Brand doesn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to quality. Even though their products are cruelty free, they are of a high standard and the Pickle My Face Hydrogel Cucumber Mask is no exception! This face mask for skincare contains natural vegetable polymers that deliver outstanding skin bonds. Besides, the cruelty free active ingredients get absorbed perfectly; thus, restoring your skin. As a result, you will have well moist and hydrated skin.


In conclusion, finding cruelty free makeup products is easy if you’re choosing from a reliable cruelty free cosmetics company. Rude Cosmetics is one of the best USA Makeup Brands with cruelty free makeup products. We hope you’ve found a makeup product of your choice from the list above. If not, you can also have a look at other outstanding cruelty free cosmetics from the Rude Cosmetics Website.

Note Cosmetics
Note Cosmetics
Thursday 14th January 2021

This post was very well written, and it also contains a lot of useful facts. I enjoyed your distinguished way of writing the post. Thanks, you have made it easy for me to understand.

Ineabelle Rodriguez
Ineabelle Rodriguez
Friday 28th August 2020

Hola, soy de puerto rico. Nunca habia utilizado su linea y siempre me llamaba la atencion los lipsticks hasta hace poco que compre 4 gloss y realmente me encantaron

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