Is Rude Cosmetics cruelty free?

Yes, of course! Rude Cosmetics is a completely cruelty free brand. Cruelty free cosmetic brands do not allow products or ingredients to be tested on animals. Beauty without cruelty is very important to us at Rude Cosmetics. We believe that supporting cruelty free cosmetics should be an easy choice for any makeup lover. To be cruelty free, the products and ingredients cannot be tested on animals by anyone during any stage of product development. This includes the testing practices of suppliers and third parties. 


Many countries across the globe have banned the practice of animal testing entirely. As more and more consumers demand cruelty free products, cosmetic brands are switching to alternative forms of product testing. There are better ways to test the ingredients in cosmetic products. Modern methods of testing have proven to be effective indicators of safety. Innovations such as artificial human skin eliminate the need to harm animal subjects. Animal testing is outdated and not the most accurate method. Protect the animals and choose cruelty free cosmetics!

What is PETA certified?


Rude Cosmetics is PETA certified, which means we took a pledge that we will not conduct any form of animal testing on our products or ingredients. You can search for cosmetic brands that are cruelty free certified by using this webpage:


Companies that are cruelty free certified can also choose to purchase a license from PETA that allows them to use the cruelty free bunny logo on all product labels and promotional material. PETA has several practices in place that verify the cruelty-free testing of products. Their team of scientists, specialists, and lawyers are committed to protecting animals from testing. Management and research teams regulate the practices of companies to make sure that they receive accurate information about product development.




Does Rude Cosmetics have vegan products?

Yes! We offer many vegan products. We understand that vegan options are essential for many of our customers. 


Here is a list of our vegan products:


2 in 1 Shimmering Eyeliner
Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette
Bikini Bottom Eyeshadow Palette
Blackjack 21 Eyeshadow Palette
Bling It On Glitter Pigment
Book Series
C'est Fantastique Eyeshadow Palette
City of Flashing Lights Liner
City of Pastel Lights Eyeshadow Palette
Cocktail Party Luminous Highlight/Eyeshadow Palette
Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer Oil
Freakin Fluorescence Glitter
Glitter Primer
Leopardina Eyeshadow Palette
Lingerie Collection
Look at Them Curves Mascara
Luxe 3D Lashes
Metropolis Collection
My Secret Weapon Highlighter
Party Animal Collection
Peepshow Brow & Eyeliner Cream
Police Eyeliner Up Eyeliner Pen
Prelude Eyeshadow Primer
RUDE PRO Butterflies - Blush/Highlight/Contour Palette
Shimmering Primer
Star Party Liquid Eyeshadow
Sultry Eyes Mascara
Too Much Drama Eyeshadow Palette
Under Eye Primer
Under Eye Setting Mineral Powder
Unicorn Fantasies Highlight Palette
United Shades of Glitter Palette
Vivid Dreams Face & Body Glitter
Whatever Forever Eyeshadow Palette
You Glit Up My Life Pigment
You're So Fine Glitter Pigment


Amiga Ombre Blush
Angelic Glow Highlighter + Eyeshadow
Audacious Contour Palette
Baked Highlighter
Blush Crush 9 Color Blush Palette
Double Trouble Foundation
Fabulous Concealer Wheel
Fearless Face Palette
Go For the Bronze Bronzer
Goddesslike Facial Shimmer
In Your Face 3 in 1 Palette
Makeup Primer Spray
Moon Smut Face & Body Shimmer
Puff the Magic Powder
Nymph Glow Powder
Radiant Makeup Mist
Sculpting Concealer
Shine Control Makeup Mist
Shine Crime Blotting Powder
Sparkle Me Till it Hurts Glitter
Stop the Pressed Powder
Surgically Precise Makeup Remover
UHD Studio Finishing Mineral Powder
NoFilter 3D Face Palette
Undaunted Blush Palette
Universal Holographic Stick


2.4.1 Lip Liner & Brush
Attitude Matte Lipstick
Crime Does Pay Notorious Lip Color Set
Glit and Glow Lip Gloss
Matte-Nificent Lip Crayon
Molten Metal Lip Color
Notorious Liquid Lip Color - Bad to the Bones,
Obscene Gesture, Below the Belt, and Hell to Pay
Pussycat’s Purr Lip Primer
Renew My Lips - Lip Exfoliator
Save My Lips Oil
Starlett Glitter Lipstick
Stardust Diamond Topper
Virginish Lip Glow
What a Pucker Lip Gloss


2 Minute Peeling Gel
Bubblelicious Lip Exfoliator
Fizz Bizz Cleanse Bubble Mask
Foam'em Out Charcoal Foam Cleanser
Good Morning Foam Cleaner

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