The Subtle Art of Makeup - Essentials for Every Makeup Artist

Makeup artists use their talent and tools to makeover and transform a person’s appearance. They work in an environment with lots of creative collaboration. Their job involves applying makeup for special occasions, staying updated on trends, reinventing routines in order to fit their clients and more. One thing’s certain, becoming a makeup artist takes a lot of investing in the right tools such as makeup palettes from top USA makeup brands. We took note of some of the essential products for anyone looking to get into makeup artistry, all within an affordable price range. 

In most cases, a makeup artist’s goal is to emphasize the beautiful features of the face, and there are several face makeup products that help do so. Depending on how you choose to buy a makeup brush, having makeup brushes of varying thicknesses can help you both contour and highlight.  

Contour is used to define and bring out the hollows of the cheeks, whereas in contrast a highlighter is used to enhance the parts of the face that the light hits. To top it off, using a blush brings out the natural flush and rosiness of the cheeks. Looking for an all-in-one palette that will get all these done? Try from a range of affordable skincare makeup options offered from retailers online. Our RUDE PRO Butterflies - Blush, Highlight, Contour Palette is the right choice for you! Each shade is highly pigmented, long-lasting, and most importantly, universal. 

Having a good eyeshadow palette is essential to any makeup artist’s collection. There are so many ways to apply eyeshadow, and there’s an infinite amount of looks you can create; you always want your palette collection to fit any style. Versatility will give you the freedom to experiment while creating endless amounts of flawless combinations. Whether you are going for a natural look, and need more of an organic vegan makeup look, or you want to show off a bold and bright masterpiece, we have the perfect palette for you.

Our RUDE PRO Balloons Eyeshadow Palette features a variety of shades, from bold and glittery shimmers to natural mattes, and gorgeous brights. Our RUDE PRO Palettes are specifically formulated for professional makeup artistry, perfect for anyone who wants to practice their eye looks with a wide range of colors to choose from.


Makeup brushes are essential to any makeup kit. The quality of the brushes is also very important to the blend and application of the makeup. Buying high-quality brushes can really improve your overall look, and they make an application and blending in your products much easier. When you go to buy makeup brushes, be sure you spend some time considering your options.  

To get started, check out our Silver Bullet Makeup Brush Set. Our set includes 3 face brushes and 3 eyeshadow brushes, made from synthetic bristles that are soft to the touch. Even after washing the brushes, there is no fallout so your Silver Bullet Makeup brushes are sure to last in your collection for a while. 

Investing in good brushes as you’re getting started in the makeup world can even help save money. Instead of spending extra amounts of money to replace your brushes over time, opt for high-quality brushes that will last for years. Choosing the right product from the right USA makeup brands may take a little time, but the more love and attention you put into the process the stronger your results will be. Good brushes have longevity and are better for the skin. A good makeup look starts with the tools that you use!


As your collection grows, taking care of your products and storing them safely will help you in the long run. For your on-the-go clients, you’ll probably need a carrying case to make traveling much easier. Having one will also prevent misplacing or even damaging your valuable products. You’ll also be able to stay organized, and know where everything is at all times. Our Small Makeup Case with Mirror and Mini Makeup Case are perfect for on-the-go makeup artists to stay organized and keep all tools for easy access. As a bonus, the black studded exterior will really allow you to stand out from the crowd and scream out your edginess.
Over the years, using makeup was commonly viewed as a way to conceal and “fix” natural features. However, the health of your skin matters too. Some may argue that it is just used to cover up imperfections and even insecurities. Despite all these perceptions, makeup truly is a form of self-expression and art. Makeup turns the face into a beautiful masterpiece. For many, makeup even boosts confidence levels and may help one look more put together. Having a reliable skincare makeup product can help you sustain that confidence over time.

Beauty is in everyone, and makeup artists are here to emphasize and bring out that beauty. Makeup artists are their own boss, who get the chance to showcase their artistic and creative side with no boundaries. Here at Rude, we believe that makeup has no rules. Rather, makeup is a talent and a reflection of your true self which is why Rude is constantly producing products that can make that happen for you. Whether an organic vegan makeup look or a more bold, London-inspired look, you can get your hands on the right makeup palette and cosmetics products for you.

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