As Good As Glitter - Your Ultimate Guide to Glitter Makeup!

The holiday season is coming up, and we have a timeless accessory that can make any makeup look pop. For the glittery ghouls and goddesses for Halloween time, or the shining stars of Christmas, there’s so many ways to incorporate glitter into any routine. Glitter may be a little difficult to keep under control, but we have some tips and tricks to make application easy, no matter what skill level you’re at.

The first important step to applying glitter shadow is making sure you have a prepped and primed base. If you plan on using eyeshadow, make sure to apply eyeshadow BEFORE prepping for glitter application. If you want to stick with something simple, we suggest using a light brown or natural matte shade. Or you can opt for a pink or blue to make things vibrant.

Our Glitter Primer works best to help prep your eyes, and to prevent creases in your shadow throughout the day. Glitter may cause a lot of fall out, so you want to be sure to apply a base that will make it stick all day. Try using either a glitter primer, or even a little bit of concealer will give your eyes an even tone to start off your look. If you have applied eyeshadow, use your fingertips to dab on glitter primer as the base before applying glitter.

Concealer tends to be moist and will cause creasing, so mixing glitter and concealer can make glitter chunky. If you want to even out the skin tone on your eyelids, shoot for an eyelid/eyeshadow primer as it would not crease your glitter. To prevent fallout when you are not using a glitter primer, lightly dust off excess powder under the eyes using a brush.

Once you have your base applied to your liking, it’s time to add your glitter! For just a touch of glitter, dust on lightly using a brush or fingertips and layer + blend as needed. For a full glam & glittery look, we highly recommend using your fingertips as doing so allows you to lock down and secure as much glitter as possible. Our You Glit Up My Life glitters come in all different shades, so you’re bound to find one perfect for you. These glitters can also be used all over the body, and even on the hair for the most outrageous looks.

Although it’s quite common for glitter to be used as eyeshadow, don’t be afraid to explore with all kinds of glittery makeup looks. Another popular way to incorporate glitter is using glitter eyeliner. Use our Gimme Glitter Liner along your winged liner or apply as a stand-alone streak for a bold and dramatic look. Looking to stand out and show off your glitter even more? Check out our Freakin Fluorescence Face & Body Glitter. This UV light reacting glitter will look amazing both in natural light, and even under a blacklight.

Some of our other fave ways to apply glitter include adding highlight to the cheekbones or over matte lipstick. You can even opt for a glowy, sun kissed look by dusting light amounts of glitter to the shoulders and collar bones for a little extra shimmer. The possibilities are endless! Whether you want a light layer to add a little shimmer to your look, or want to pack a solid coat for a full glam, there’s a glittery makeup look for everyone — you’re bound to shine bright either way! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, and tag us @rudecosmetics if you try out any of these tips and tricks.

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